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Training and Placement Cell

Training Programmes – Summary
II, IIEnhancing English CommunicationIt helps a students in developing self-confidence, smartness and outward skills. It covers basic grammar, Oral communication as well as written communication. Finally the students will be able to accurately and precisely communicate both in speaking and writing.
(Mr. Antony Patrick, Communicative English Trainer)
IIIII, IVVerbal and Non-Verbal CommunicationIt includes speaking, listening reading and writing skills. Also emphasis to use polite words and tone something interesting and pleasing. Focuses on facial expression, Body movement, Gestures, Eye Contact and Voice. Moreover it helps to increase the decision making capability, ability to analyze the problems and to face the real world challenges through logical reasoning.
·General Aptitude and Logical Reasoning
(Internal Trainers)
IIIV, VICommunication EnglishTrain students for careers and advanced studies in a wide range of English, Public Relations, or Communications fields. Equip students with knowledge of English as a world language. Also through quantitative aptitude rises the competence level of a students and it shows the knowledge from learning. Finally we improves the intelligence level of a students.
Quantitative Aptitude
(Internal Trainers)
IVVIIPractices Company oriented Aptitude QuestionsBased on the market research, domain and technical areas of recruiting companies are identified for good placement. Special training is given to the students based on the company requirements and also motivate them to get placed in reputed companies
Group Discussion
Oral Communications
Interview Tips and Tricks
Technical subject training
Specific Company Oriented Training
(Internal Faculty)
Training Programmes  Organized -2019-2020
S.NoActivityInternal / External TrainerTraining Details  
1Residential programme for all the final year students.All internal trainers comm.+Apti.+Tech.27.05.2019 to 07.06.2019
2Train The Trainer program for faculty members on technical skills.Mr.Roy Antony Arnold – External Trainer - Infosys27.06.2019 to 29.06.2019
3SMARTDV company specific training for ECE eligible students.All internal trainers Comm.+Apti.+Tech.03.07.2019 to 05.07.2019
4TCS NQT Specific training for Final Year eligible students .All internal trainers Comm.+Apti.+Tech02.07.2019 to 18.07.2019
5TCS NQT Specific training for Final Year eligible studentsExternal Trainers from SixPharse19.07.2019 to 01.08.2019
6CTS/WIPRO specific training for final year eligible students.All internal trainers Comm.+Apti.+Tech.13.09.2019 to 01.10.2019
7First Year Orientation Program on Company Recruitment Process, Company Opportunities, Skills required and Importance of Training and Placement for First year studentsAll internal Trainers15.10.2019 & 16.10.2019
8Six Phrase Training resources provided training for pre-final year students on Aptitude, Verbal and Reasoning Skills.External Trainers from Six Pharse27.11.2019 to 20.12.2019
9Faculty Develop Program by External trainer on aptitude, verbal and soft skills.External Trainers from Six Pharse09.12.2019 to 14.09.2019
10Faculty Development Program MASTER COACH on Team Building, Listening and Communication, Course Designing and Self Awareness training. External Trainers from Quest Alliance13.12.2019 to 15.12.2019
Training Programmes  Organized -2018-2019
S.NoDepartmentInternal / External TrainerTraining Details
1Training Program All the final year studentsAll Internal Trainers
04.06.18 to 5.06.18.
2Odessa Technologies Company Specific Training for Eligible Students of CSE, ECE, EEE, EIE
Odessa Technologies Company specific Training for Eligible Students of CSE, ECE, EEE, EIE
Ms.S.Meenakshi- Internal Trainer-Technical
Mr.M.Dineshkumar-Internal Trainer-Aptitude
18.6.18 to 23.6.18.
22.6.18 & 23.6.18
4II Year, III Year and IV Year Regular Placement Hours as per time tableCommunication, Aptitude, Technical,
All the Internal Trainers
02.07.18 Onwards
5I Year Regular Placement Hours as per time tableMs.D.Ambika & Ms.V.Sridevi
Internal Trainers-Communication
02.07.18 onwards
6Vernalis Systems Company Specific Training for Eligible Students of CSE, ECE, EEE Communication, Aptitude & Technical
All Internal Trainers
27.07.18 to 19.08.18
7All Eligible final year students- Indian NavyMs.D.Ambika & Ms.V.Sridevi
Internal Trainers-Communication
24.8.18 to 01.9.18
8Calibraint Technologies Company Specific Training for Eligible Students CSE,EEE,ECE,MCA Mr.M.Dineshkumar & Mr.R.Shankar- Aptitude Ms.S.Meenakshi- Internal Trainer-Technical03.9.18 to 06.09.18
9Aspire Systems Company Specific Training for Eligible Students of CSE,EEE,ECE,EIE, MCAMr.M.Dineshkumar & Mr.R.Shankar- Aptitude Ms.S.Meenakshi- Internal Trainer-Technical26.9.18 to 28.9.18
10Soft Square Company Specific Training for Eligible Students CSE,EEE,ECE,EIE, MCAMs.S.Meenakshi- Internal Trainer-Technical03.10.18 - 10.10.18.
11I Year Students – All DepartmentsMs.D.Ambika Ms.V.Sridevi
Internal Trainers-Communication
03.10.18 to 23.10.18
12CSE,EEE,ECE,EIE, MCA (Wipro)Communication, Aptitude & Technical02.11.18 to 17.11.18
13All Final year Eligible Infosys StudentsCommunication, Aptitude
External Training by FACE
03.12.18 to 07.12.18
14for all department III year studentsCommunication, Aptitude
External Training by FACE
03.12.18 to 07.12.18
15II and III year Students (All UG Departments)Communication, Aptitude & Technical -All Internal Trainers10.12.18 onwards

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