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List of National Journals
S.NoName of the JournalPublisherDEPTNo of Issue
1.     Indian Journal of Chemical TechnologyNISCAIR,CHEM6
2.     Journal of Chemical SciencesIndian Academy of Sciences, BengaluruCHEM4
3.     Nandini Chemical Engineering (Online)Nandini Institute of Chemical Industries, Chennai.CHEM12
4.     ThermodynamicsClaro Publications, Ahmadabad CHEM4
5.     Waste ManagementClaro Publications, Ahmadabad CHEM4
6.     Petroleum EngineeringClaro Publications, Ahmadabad CHEM4
7.     Indian Journal of Computer Graphics and TechniquesGBS Publishers and Distributors (India) New DelhiCSE2
8.     CSI CommunicationsComputer Society of India S, Mumbai.CSE12
9.     MultimediaClaro Publications, AhmadabadCSE4
10.  Journal on Future Engineering & Technology (I manager)i- manager Publications,Nagercoil.CSE4
11.  Journal of Information Technology(JIT) (I manager)i- manager Publications,Nagercoil.CSE4
12.  Journal on Wireless Communication Networks (I manager)i- manager Publications,Nagercoil.CSE4
13.  The Indian Concrete JournalAcc Limited,MumbaiCIVIL12
14.  Civil EngineeringClaro,AhmedabadCIVIL4
15.  Structure and DesignClaro,AhmedabadCIVIL4
16.  Journal of Civil Engineering (I manager)I Manager ,NagercoilCIVIL4
17.  Indian Journal of Construction Engineering and TechnologyGBS Publishers and Distributors (India), New DelhiCIVIL2
18.  Indian Journal Civil Engineering and Technology ResearchGBS Publishers and Distributors (India), New DelhiCIVIL2
19.  IETE Technical ReviewIETE Publications,New DelhiEEE6
20.  IETE Journal of ResearchEEE6
21.  IETE Journal of EducationEEE2
22.  IEEMA JournalIEEMA Journal, Mumbai.EEE12
23.  Journal on Electrical Engineering (i-manager)i- manager publications, Nagercoil.EEE4
24.  Power ElectronicsClaro Publications, AhmadabadEEE4
25.  Journal of The Instrument Society of India (Life Time)Indian Academy of Science , BangaloreEIE4
26.  Journal of Instrumentation & Control Engineering (I – manager)I – manager , NagercoilEIE4
27.  SensorsClaro Publications, AhmadabadEIE4
28.  Distributed Sensor NetworksClaro Publications, AhmadabadEIE4
29.  Indian Journal of Measurement and Instrumentation EngineeringGBS Publishers and Distributors (India) New DelhiEIE2
30.  Indian Journal of Instrumentation Science and EngineeringGBS Publishers and Distributors (India) New DelhiEIE2
31.  Journal of Electronic Circuits, Devices and SystemsGBS Publishers and Distributors (India) New DelhiECE2
32.  Electronic ComponentsClaro Publications, AhmadabadECE4
33.  VLSIClaro Publications, AhmadabadECE4
34.  Indian Journal of Pure & Applied PhysicsNISCAIR, New DelhiECE6
35.  Lab ExperimentsLAB Experiments, Bangalore.ECE4
36.  IUP Journal of TelecommunicationsIUP Publications, HyderabadECE4
37.  Bulletin of Materials ScienceIndian Academy of Science, BangaloreMECH6
38.  FoundryFoundry- AhamedabadMECH6
39.  SadhanaIndian Academy of Science, BangaloreMECH6
40.  The MachinistM/s.Benett colemen New DelhiMECH12
41.  IUP Mechanical EngineeringIUP Publications HyderabadMECH4
42.  Journal of mechanical engineeringI manager Publications,NagercoilMECH4
43.  Indian Journal Of BiotechnologyNiscairBIO-MEDI4
44.  Biomedical AnalysisInventi Journals Pvt.LtdBIO-MEDI4
45.  BioinformaticsInventi Journals Pvt.LtdBIO-MEDI4
46.  Biomedical EngineeringInventi Journals Pvt.LtdBIO-MEDI4
47.  Nanotech & Bionic EngineeringInventi Journals Pvt.LtdBIO-MEDI4
48.  Indian Journal of Chemical TechnologyNISCAIR,BIO-MEDI6
49.  Indian Journal of Engineering material ScienceNISCAIR, New Delhi.ME-ME6
50.  Journal of Scientific& Industrial ResearchNISCAIR, New Delhi.ME-ME12
51.  Manufacturing EngineeringClaro Publications Pvt Ltd, AhamedabadME-ME4
52.  Aerospace EngineeringClaro Publications Pvt Ltd, AhamedabadME-ME4
53.  MTT- Manufacturing Technology TodayCentral Manufacturing Technology Institute, Banaglore.ME-ME12
54.  Cloud ComputingClaro Publications, AhmadabadME-CSE4
55.  Software EngineeringClaro Publications, AhmadabadME-CSE4
56.  Soft ComputingClaro Publications, AhmadabadME-CSE4
57.  Indian Journal of Advances in computer Science and TechnologyGBS Publishers and Distributors (India) New DelhiME-CSE2
58.  IUP Journal of Computer ScienceIUP Publications,HyderabadME-CSE4
59.  Current Development in Environmental ScienceGBS Publishers and Distributors(India),New Delhi.ME-ENV2
60.  Indian Journal of Applied Environmental SciencesGBS Publishers and Distributors(India),New Delhi.ME-ENV2
61.  Indian Journal of Environmental Engineering and ManagementGBS Publishers and Distributors(India),New Delhi.ME-ENV2
62.  Indian Journal of Environmental Science: Development and MonitoringGBS Publishers and Distributors(India),New Delhi.ME-ENV2
63.  Indian Journal of Environmental Research and DevelopmentGBS Publishers and Distributors(India),New Delhi.ME-ENV2
64.  Indian Journal of Industrial Electronics and ApplicationsGBS Publishers and Distributors (India) New DelhiME-PED2
65.  Electrical and Electronics EngineeringIUP Publications, HyderabadME-PED4
66.  Renewable EnergyClaro Publications, AhmadabadME-PED4
67.  Solar EnergyClaro Publications, AhmadabadME-PED2
68.  Electrical EngineeringClaro Publications, AhmadabadME-PED2
69.  Image and Video ProcessingClaro PublicationsME-AP4
70.  Embedded systemsClaro PublicationsME-AP4
71.  Indian Journal of Digital Electronic TechnologiesGBS Publishers and Distributors (India) NewDelhiME-AP2
72.  Indian Journal of Industrial Electronics and ApplicationsGBS Publishers and Distributors (India) NewDelhiME-AP2
73.  Indian Journal of Electronics and MicrocircuitsGBS Publishers and Distributors (India) NewDelhiME-AP2
74.  journal Industrial Safety ChronicleNational Safety Council of indiaME-ISE4
75.  Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental MedicineWolter kluwer pvt ltdME-ISE3
76.  Indian Journal of Engineering material ScienceNISCAIR, New Delhi.ME-ISE6
77.  Journal of Scientific& Industrial ResearchNISCAIR, New Delhi.ME-ISE12
78.  Manufacturing Technology TodayCentral Manufacturing Technology Institute, Banaglore.ME-ISE12
79.  Polymer ScienceClaro PublicationsMTECH-CHEM4
80.  Petroleum EngineeringClaro PublicationsMTECH-CHEM4
81.  Indian Journal of Fluids DynamicsGBS Publications & Distributors (India)MTECH-CHEM2
82.  Indian Journal of Applied Environmental SciencesGBS Publications & Distributors (India)MTECH-CHEM2
83.  Journal of Chemical SciencesIndian Academy of Sciences, BengaluruMTECH-CHEM4
84.  The IUP Journal of Marketing ManagementIUP Publications,HyderabadMBA4
85.  The IUP Journal of Operations ManagementIUP Publications,HyderabadMBA4
86.  The IUP Journal of Business StrategyIUP Publications,HyderabadMBA4
87.  The IUP Journal of Supply Chain ManagementIUP Publications,HyderabadMBA4
88.  The IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship DevelopmentIUP Publications,HyderabadMBA4
89.  The IUP Journal of Financial Risk ManagementIUP Publications,HyderabadMBA4
90.  The IUP Journal of Knowledge ManagementIUP Publications,HyderabadMBA4
91.  The IUP Journal of Management ResearchIUP Publications,HyderabadMBA4
92.  The IUP Journal of Brand ManagementIUP Publications,HyderabadMBA4
93.  The IUP Journal of Organizational BehaviorIUP Publications,HyderabadMBA4
94.  The IUP Journal of Applied FinanceIUP Publications,HyderabadMBA4
95.  Indian Journal of Transport ManagementCIRT,PuneMBA4
96.  The National Journal of TechnologyPSG CT – Technology, CoimbatoreMCA4
97.  Journal on Computer Science (I-manager)I manager Publications,NagercoilMCA4
98.  AlgorithmClaro Publications, AhamadabadMCA4
99.  Computer NetworksClaro Publications, AhamadabadMCA4
100.               Artificial IntelligenceClaro Publications, AhamadabadMCA4
101.               Fuzzy SystemsClaro Publications, AhamadabadMCA4
102.               Journal of Applied Information sciencePublishing India, New DelhiMCA2
103.               Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied TechnologyThe Research Publications CoimbatoreMCA2
104.               Asian Journal of Science and Applie TechnologyThe Research Publications CoimbatoreMCA2
105.               Asian Journal of Information Science and TechnologyThe Research Publications CoimbatoreMCA2
106.               Journal of Computational Intelligence in BioinformaticsGBS Publishers and Distributors (India) New DelhiMCA2
107.               MultimediaClaro Publications, AhmadabadMCA4
108.               Science ReporterNISCAIR,New DelhiS & H12
109.               ResonanceIndian Academy Science, Bangalore.S & H12
110.               The Journal of English Language Teaching of IndiaELTAI,Chennai.S & H4
111.               University NewsAssociation of Indian University, New Delhi.S & H52

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