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CSE -Industrial Training

Computer Science and Engineering

Industrial Training Attended by the  Students
S.NODateName of the CompanyName of the student Benefitted
122-07.-019 to 26-07-2019Computer Hardware Maintenance And Networking - Advanced Training Institute, Chennai1. P.Kathiresan (III CSE B)
2. S.Mylesh (III CSE B)
3. E.Nivetha (III CSE B)
4. S.Oviya (III CSE B)
5. K.Rajkumar (III CSE B)
6. S.Ramya (III CSE B)
7. M.Ranganayagi (III CSE B)
8. R.S.RanjithKumar (III CSE B)
9. T.RubanKumar (III CSE B)
10. A.Santhosh (III CSE B)
11. S.Sathyapriya ((III CSE B)
12. S.Sathishkumar(III CSE B)
13. G.P. Suchitra (III CSE B)
14. G.Thangavel (III CSE B)
15. S. Vidhunraj (III CSE B)
16. D.Vinothini (III CSE B)
Webminar series on “ABCD of New IT Foundation”, Sponsored by Infosys.S.Mownambika (II CSE B)
S.Nivashini (II CSE B)
T.Tamilarasan (II CSE B)
C.Saranraj (II CSE B)
S.Ashwinbalaji (III CSE A)
J.Arun balaji (III CSE A)
B.Bharathi (III CSE A)
T.Deeepika (III CSE A)
M.Indhuja (III CSE A)
K.Hemalatha (III CSE A)
K.Hemanthkumar(III CSE A)
B.Karthikeyan (III CSE A)
J.Janarathanan (III CSE A)
P.kathiresan (III CSE B)
T.Pradessh (III CSE B)
K.Rajkumar (III CSE B)
R.S.Ranjithkumar (III CSE B)
T.Rubankumar (III CSE B)
A.Santhosh (III CSE B)
D.Sivaprasath (III CSE B)
V.Surya (III CSE B)
G.Thangavel (III CSE B)
S.Vidunraj(III CSE B)
36/8/2019Seminar on Awareness of “ AICTE-ESEC IIPC Marathon 2019”, Resource Person DR.S.Karthick, IIPC Director, ESECAll Second third and final year of CSE
410/8/2019InfyTQ Foundation program Sponsored by InfosysThird year 'A' and 'B' Section
517-08-2019InfyTQ Foundation program Sponsored by InfosysThird year 'A' and 'B' Section
621-08-2019 to
Network configuration and installation for Third year A, Resource person Karupusamy, SMC Admin, ESECThird year 'A' Section
728-08-2019Japanese Language Orientation Program Sponosred by MACRO Technologies, ErodeS.Lalith Kishore (II CSE A)
S.Logesh (II CSE A)
R.Bhuvanesh (II CSE A)
M.Dinesh (II CSE A)
R.Kishore (II CSE A)
S.Angala Paremeshwari (II CSE A)
P.Dhavamani (II CSE A)
E.Mathumitha (II CSE A)
D.Hema ranjani (II CSE A)
E.Kalaivani (II CSE A)
N.Dharani (II CSE A)
K.Deepika (II CSE A)
S.Magudeeshwaran (II CSE B)
V.MAnikandan (II CSE B)
N.Vignesh (II CSE B)
M.Rajkumar (II CSE B)
M.Vignesh (II CSE B)
M.Nishanth (II CSE B)
R.Robin (II CSE B)
S.Shajahan (II CSE B)
M.Mageshwaran (II CSE B)
S.ShreeguruSanjeev (II CSE B)
S.Magila (III CSE A)
R.Mohana (III CSE A)
K.Mowliya (III CSE A)
M.Indhuja (III CSE A)
P.Harini priyadharshini (III CSE A)
S.Jothika (III CSE A)
S.Karthika (III CSE A)
S.Jeevitha (III CSE A)
M.B.Hemalatha (III CSE A)
J.Janarathan (III CSE A)
K.Hemanth kumar (III CSE A)
R.Marieshwaran (III CSE A)
P.Kathiresan (III CSE B)
K.Rajkumar (III CSE B)
T.Rubankumar (III CSE B)
S.Vidhunraj (III CSE B)
A.Santhosh (III CSE B)
L.Navinkumar (III CSE B)
R.PonGanapthy (III CSE B)
S.Reyan Thaiba (III CSE B)
M.Pradeep (III CSE B)
S.Shiek Ahamad (III CSE B)
D.Sivaprasath (III CSE B)
V.Surya (III CSE B)
R.S.Ranjithkumar (III CSE B)
M.Niveaa (IV CSE)
N.Naveen kumar (IV CSE)
N.Keerthivasan (IV CSE)
M.Dhanasekar (IV CSE)
V.Vijay boopathi (IV CSE)
M.J.Ajaypranav (IV CSE)
P.B.Guruprasath (IV CSE)
S.Santhosh (IV CSE)
R.Bharathkumar (IV CSE)
R.RAguram (IV CSE)
828-08-2019TCS Webminar on “Infra mind How to prepare and crack the contest” Sponosred by TCSP.Deepika (III CSE A)
D.Sivaprasath (III CSE B)
V.Surya (III CSE B)

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