The On-campus accommodation offers the Infrastructure necessary for a balanced, practical life as well as complete professional training and personal fulfillment. There are Two Gents Hostel and two Ladies Hostel accommodate more than 600 Boys and 200 Girls students Respectively in the campus.

Both hostels are provided with well furnished and ventilated and the necessary amenities for students. These include indoor games, reading rooms and audio, video facilities and telecom services. Visiting doctors take care of the health problems of the inmates. The hostel is meant to be a home away from home for students. The inmates of the hostel are expected to be mutually friendly and co-operative with their fellow students.


The hostel mess provides vegetarian food to the inmates and is run by dividing System. Mess bill for the last month to be paid before 15th of every month in cash or by DD. Hostellers are eligible for reduction in the mess bill provided that they apply for reduction well in advance. Student representatives from each class will be nominated to look after the maintenance of the mess. Meetings of the student representatives will be held periodically.

A mineral water treatment plant with a capacity of 200 litres / hr. operating on the reverse osmosis principle provides excellent drinking water in the campus.


Warden : Dr. V. Venkatachalam, Principal
Associate Warden
Dr. M. Kandasamy, Head/EIE, Dr. G. Lalli, ASP/ CA