Quality Improvement Cell (QIC)

Quality Improvement Cell is formed to enhance the quality of both the faculty members and the students.

Quality Improvement cell motivates and aids the faculty to switch from the traditional learning mode to the blended learning mode for the enhancement in quality of technical education.

In the blended learning mode, apart from the text books, faculty members have to go through the video lectures provided by eminent scholars / institutions so that teaching – learning process will be effective.

Faculty members are encouraged to attend conferences / seminars and workshop to update themselves on present trends. Incentives are provided to encourage their participation.

In addition, faculty members are motivated to submit articles in reputed journals and they are awarded for their submission.

To improve the quality of faculty members and students, various activities are planned and executed systematically. Some of the activities are,

  • Spoken tutorial workshops on various open source software like SciLab, Python, etc. are organized with the support of Anna University, Chennai and IIT, Bombay.
  • In-house Program are also arranged for both the faculty members and supporting staff members every semester to upgrade their skills.
  • Faculty development programmes, concentrating on core subjects and communication skills are conducted regularly.
  • Conferences are conducted at regular intervals to provide a platform for technical discussion. Eminent experts in respective fields are also invited to bridge the gap between industry and institutions.
  • “Knowledge sharing session”, is scheduled regularly to enable the technical interaction among the faculties of various disciplines.
  • In addition, Research work of the faculty is supported and several programs like “How to write journal papers”, “How to start the research work”, etc, were conducted and organized efficiently.

Quality Improvement Cell, comprising a team of faculty members from various departments as mentioned below, administrates the quality improvement activities effectively.

Events organized : 2017-2018

Workshop on the topic “MAT LAB – Digital Image Processing & Communication Systems” Program on 14.07.2017 by Mr.S.T.Shanmugam, Pantech ProEd Pvt.Ltd., Coimbatore.

Guest Lecture on the topic “Strategies to improve interview skills” Program on 04.08.2017 by Mr.S.Mathan Kumar, AP/MBA , ESEC

Special lecture on the topic “Aurdino and Raspberrypi” by Mr.S.Natesh Kannan, TCIL-IT (A Govt. of India Enterprise Under Ministry of C & I T), Erode on 08.11.17.

Spoken tutorials –ASCEND,KICAD and OSCAD & Java for business applications – guided by IIT, Bombay were organized on 31.8.17 & 5.9.17

Spoken Tutorial Workshop titled “OSCAD”, KiCAD, Netbeans and JAVA were conducted for the students of ECE, CSE, EEE AND MCA respectively in February 2018.

DR. R. Kalaivani, Co-ordinator, HoD/ECE

Members of QIC