Department of Civil Engineering

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Faculty Publications

Following Consultancy Activities are under gone in the Department Of Civil Engineering from 2008 onwards

Sl. No. Name of the Lab Type of Test
1 Concrete & Highway Lab 1.Impact test
2.Abrasion test
3.Crushing value test
4.Binder content test
5.Consistency test
6.Compression test on Concrete cube
2 Soil Mechanics Lab 1.CBR test
2.Atterberg Limits
3.Density test
4.Sieve Analysis
5.Consolidation test
3 Strength of materials Lab 1.Tensile strength of steel rods
2.Impact test on steel rods
3.Hardness test
4.Torsion test
4 Environmental Engineering Lab 1.pHvalue test
2.Sulphate test
3.Chloride test
4.Alkalinity test