Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Laboratory Details

Electrical Machines Lab

Equipped with All types of D.C Machine, Salient and Non-Salient Pole alternator Induction generator, Wound rotor induction Motor, Pole changing Induction Motor.

SynchronousMotor, Single Phase A.C. Motor , 3Φ Induction Motor ( Slip Ring, Squirrel cage)

Power Electronics Lab

Equipped with IGBT based chopper module , MOSFET based chopper , Digital storage oscilloscope , Auto ranging self calibrated LCR meter ,Thyristor, SCR & TRIAC phase control trainers, Resonant DC-DC converter , Various VI characteristics trainer kit , 1Φ & 3Φ fully and half controlled converter

Measurement and Instrumentation Lab

Equipped with LVDT & burden tube transducer kit, AC & DC bridges, A/D & D/A converter kit , Instrumentation amplifier kit , Iron loss measurement kit

Control System Lab

Equipped with Lead – lag network kit, Stepper motor controller kit , DC position servo trainer, DC servo motor kit, AC servo motor , PID controller trainer kit

Electrical Circuit Lab

Equipped with Audio oscilloscope, Cathode ray oscilloscope, Two port network kit , Decade resistance , inductance & capacitance box , Auto transformers , Analog & Digital stopwatch

Electrical Workshop Lab

Equipped with Transformer oil testing kit , Earth resistance tester , Megger, Study motor winding , Wattmeters & Energymeters

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab

Equipped with 8085,8086 – Microprocessor kit, Traffic light controller system , 8051 Micro controller kit , Stepper motor controller , Temperature sensor system , ADC / DAC interfacing cards

Electronics Devices and Circuits Lab

Equipped with Function generator, Cathode ray oscilloscope, Regulated power supply , Digital multimeter

Integrated Circuits Lab

Equipped with Analog IC trainer, Digital IC Trainer, Digital IC tester, Linear IC tester

Power System Simulation Lab

Equipped with Latest Pentium Processor systems , Mi power software , Power system software modules , Dot matrix & laser printers , Epson – LCD projector

Class Rooms :

Each class room is furnished with a Black board, OHP Projector and LCD projector to support the Teaching Learning process. The class rooms are enabled to support the e-Learning Initiative.

Department Library :

The department Library has 520 titles and 904 volumes of books covering wide range of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Subjects.


EEE Block

Engg. Practices Lab

DC Machines Lab

DC Machines Lab

DC Machines Lab

AC Machines Lab

AC Machines Lab

Control Systems Lab

Integrated Circuits Lab

Power Electronics and Drives Lab