Department of Chemical Engineering

Laboratory Details

Process instrumentation and control lab

Equipped with UV-VIS Spectrometer, Metler ELE Balance 220gms, Metler ELE Balance 220gms.

Mass transfer lab

Equipped with Steam boiler with pipe line and commissioning, Continuous distillation set up with all accessories, Vertical and horizontal condenser, Absorption in packed bed.

Mechanical Operations lab

Equipped with Roll crusher (twin roll-smooth roll), Laboratory pulverizer, Leaf filter, filter press, cyclone separator, Air Permeability Vibrating screen

Chemical Reaction Engineering lab

Equipped with Packed bed reactor open pan evaporator

Class Rooms :

Each class room is furnished with a Black board, OHP Projector and LCD projector to support the Teaching Learning process. The class rooms are enabled to support the e-Learning Initiative.

Department Library :

The department Library has 520 titles and 904 volumes of books covering wide range of Chemical Engineering Subjects.