Guidance & Counselling Center

The Guidance and Counselling centre, provides psychological support to the needy ones at all times in our College. We at G&C Cell will show you how to feel, recognize, process and express your emotions in a positive and, hopefully, more appropriate way ; this will allow you to lead a happier life. We are working with individuals and helping them to be aware of their emotions and manage them to produce more positive outcomes. At Guidance and Counselling Centre, you will be encouraged to process emotions and express yourself more freely ; you learn not to let them build up which reduces the need to express things in a negative way. Counselling is especially suitable to help:
  • handle crises in relationships
  • deal with stress and other pressures
  • resolve fears, panics and anxieties
  • cope with continuing family problems
  • work through difficult decisions
  • break through depression and sadness

This is a confidential service that can enhance well-being for anyone. Counselling provides a safe environment free from judgment and a safe place for you to explore issues, concerns and importantly to be listened too. Counselling provides finding the way that is best for you, learning new ways to regain to understand the client’s world from their thoughts, feelings and behaviour, whilst working empathically with the client learning a wider perspective in order for them to learn new ways of expressing, coping and living a happier life!
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